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Get to know the new Blower Door World Record-Maker
Get to know the new Blower Door World Record-Maker
Hess. Oldendorf, 30.Juli.2013 - [DPR] Highly motivated and with a big goal in mind, the team of Office of Energy „q50“ and CEO Christian Rösemeier have started the year 2013. Their expectations were exceeded. With the Blower Door Test at a warehouse of the huge Online-Shop Zalando in Erfurt, Christian Rösemeier gets his desired entry into the Guiness Book of World Records.
Christian Rösemeier and his team measured a building volume of 1.346,745 cubic meters. Just nine hours have taken the Blower Door Test – installation and disassembly included. The jury of Guinness World Records in London have certified the Office of Energy „Q50“with the title„The largest Blower Door Test“.
Now Office of Energy „q50“sets up a new website for the brandnew World Record. At are all interesting facts about the whole Blower Door and its team. Photos and videos are supplementing the website. With a few clicks the visitors get in touch with Christian Rösemeier and his team, and the Blower Door Test, of course.

What about Blower Door Tests?
The Blower Door Test is one of the most important instruments for energy efficiency, in times of rising energy costs and climate change. With a Blower Door Test you can measure the airtightness of a building. It serves for detecting leaks in building envelopes and to determine the air exchange rate, in order to eliminate structural damages while the construction phase. The air-impermeability of buildings is stipulated in the Energy Saving Enactment of the German Government, to avert leaks in new buildings. So the Blower Door Test is important for business companys such as for private house owners. No matter if new buildings or rehabilitations.

During the Blower Door Test, ventilators will be build into exterior doors. Depending of the building-size, the amount of ventilators is varying. All openings which are conducting to the outside, have to be closed. All internal doors have to be open. By using the ventilators, (Blower Door) air is getting extracted out of the building through an indiscernible vaccum. If the outer shell of the building is permeable, ambient air is pouring into the inside. Depending on the air, which is getting extracted through the outside, the more the building is permeable.

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We are a young dynamic team of skilled engineers and technicians, which is your competent partner for all questions on the topics of blower door test engineering, technical building services and building physics are available.

As a certified service provider for ISO 20807 and DIN EN 473, we offer consulting, service, and applications, and documentation of the results from a single source. Scope and cost of a project are - according to your request - individually planned and scheduled.

An advanced measuring equipment and specialized hardware and software allows a secure and efficient implementation of order entry to precise measurements and solutions.

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